Website Update

It’s been a while since I’ve really made any changes to this site. I mostly update the schedule so that you will know where I’m performing, but I haven’t touched the overall look and feel in a long time.

Then COVID19 happens.

My music career comes to a near halt as all the shows booked for this year are cancelled amid concerns of this pandemic and the effects it can have. Major shows with The Dramatics, Phil Denny, and countless others have either been postponed or cancelled, not to mention the local venues where I was able to hone my skills.

That’s not to say I haven’t been practicing, but the local live venues afford an opportunity to experiment with things that we musicians discover in our own practice time, whether from established greats that we try to imitate as a form of flattery, or something that we can’t readily attribute to another person, but is something that speaks to us that we want to share.

A large number of my friends have started going live on various social media platforms doing features and performing to stay active in front of their fan base. I, as a supporting musician for most have been largely quiet on the social media front, but I have remained busy doing work for my local church as well as some local artists in my area.

With more time on my hands, I plan to be more active here and on social media, providing some insight into how I work as well as the work I do along with some knowledge from my combined background as not only a musician, but an information technology professional.